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Sunday, May 08, 2005

What if...

I get these what if moments now & then, & the other day I got to thinking.

What if something we are used to seeing on a regular basis suddenly became invisible?

Just picture the following:

It’s no good I have to tell someone, and it might as well be you, after all, you are my best friend.

Sue placed their morning coffees on the table and sat down.

‘Now’. She paused, ‘what I’m about to say must remain a secret, you must promise not to tell a living soul’.

Best friend, Pat thought. Where did she get that from? Oh my god, I don’t need this, Ok, so we’ve had a few chats over coffee, that doesn't make us bosom pals dose it?

Pat rearranged her face and trying to look the part of a best friend and said. ‘Of course Sue, you know me; I’m the soul of discretion. My lips are sealed’.

‘I’m fat. There, I’ve said it; I’m fat, fat, fat, fat.

Of all the things Sue could have revealed, this was the last thing Pat was expecting. An affair perhaps, or even that she had robbed the local post office. It would have been easier to deal with, than fat.

'Well say something’ Sue yelled. ‘Don’t just sit there with that look on your face, please... say something even if it’s only goodbye...


  1. I guess to her it was her big hidden secret.
    My question to you is, Is she fat? Can you tell that she is fat? Does she think your blind and cannot see the she is fat? Does she believe that she has hidden her fat so well noone can tell she is fat? Or is she one of those 105 pound people who puts on a gram of weight and freaks out, only to fart and have it go away.
    OK that was more than one question. Have a nice day.

  2. Sorry but you missed the point.

    Did you not understand, it was a 'What if' story. In their world, fat was invisible.

    Yes she is fat.
    No you can't see she's fat.
    No she dosn't think I'm blind.
    She dosn't need to hide her fat it is invisible.
    Given the last three answers, there's no answer to this one.

    Hope this clears it up for you Walker.

    Regards Carol

  3. Ah ok I get it now. It is invisable because you see it all the time and you don't notice it. Ok I was working on little sleep.

  4. Sorry Walker, you still don't get it :-( Sleep deprevation has a lot to answer for;-) The story is set in a fantasy world where fat is not visible to anyone. lol

  5. So you can be fat and eat all you want but no one can see it. Sounds good, but do your clothes still fit?
    You can tell me to pissoff anytime you like and I won't bother you.

  6. Puppydog11:46 am

    As a recognisably fat person I like this, but...
    if fat is invisible how does Sue know she is fat?...

    and to Walker, what if everybody is also permanently naked? or sees only what they want to see?

    Oh dear, this could get really complex - and I think invisible fat is a complex enough concept to begin with.

    Lovin' all this Cas.
    B....y good job!!

  7. Oh dear walker what am I do do with you ;-) In this fantasy world the concept is 'you can not see fat'ergo of course your clothes will fit. You have to suspend reality for a while when thinking about this concept.

    Or are you just winding me up? If you are then, Good, One up to you. lol

  8. Hi Puppydog, glad you're enjoying it. Sue has been medicaly diagnosed, & in my condition I would hate the thought of everyone being naked. lol I think my own fat is in there somewhere;-)

  9. Now everyone is trying to confuse me. Naked and Invisable fat.
    I can deal with the invisable fat but can I see the naked please. lol
    I do like the fact that fat is invisable and I do understand what you are saying, you can hunt me down later and spank me.
    It's quite the concept.
    I wish it was true in real life. There are a couple of rich cakes i would enjoy in your fantasy, ok and the naked women to, but those are in Puppydogs fantasy. lol
    Have a nice day

  10. I wish it was true in real life too walker. BTW took a look at your blog and it's fun but, I have a hard time reading it with all that black background. Why do people use black backgrounds? You have a nice day too.

  11. OK, sign me up, I want to be part of the invisible fat club. Then, once my fat has disappeared in the eyes of everyone else, I will become part of Puppy's fantasy and be naked to the extreme.

    Btw, everyone knows that if you eat a whole lotta cake or chocolate, then wash it down with a diet coke, that the calories don't count. They also don't count if noone sees you eating the cake and choccy. These are known as invisible calories...another fine concept.

  12. Well It's the template I used :( . But you know what i'm gonna make the font bigger to see if it would help you a bit. I don't like the though of someone not being able to see my posts and telling me I'm full of it. lol
    Have a nice weekend

  13. Calories also don't count if you eat half a bowl of custard to check the taste, six cookies to make sure they're cool enough for the kids to eat, when you eat the leftover pasta while standing at the sink, & licking the knife, your fingers or bowls of any description. Love your blog Sara

  14. Really?? wow, that means the fat I have really IS invisible! Wooo's naked time!

    (Thank you for dropping by my blog Carol...likewise)