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Monday, January 21, 2013

The Best Ideas are Always Simple

Strolling through Face Book today I read a post by a good writer friend of mine called Danny Kemp. I felt his post made so much sense; I had to share it with you all. What he says makes a lot of sense and if you have self-published writer friends you would like to support but can’t afford to buy or don’t want to read their books, you can help them in the following way. Read on, it’s very short.  

 From Danny Kemp
“I want to be serious for a moment, and take up your valuable time.

People have differing reasons for writing a book and people have differing reasons why they don't buy those books that are written. One thing that all writers, I would guess, have in common, is that they would love to be read. Books can be expensive and beyond the reach of some, or they a subject matter outside of interest, but without writers, they would be no books. Most people on these sites, within Face Book and on Twitter, are trying to get a 'name' in the literary world, and it's difficult, if not impossible for most of us.
This is where you come in. You can help without spending money, or extending your reading list.

If you know a writer that you would like to support, then you are that writer’s angel, and could open doors for him, or her, that they cannot.
Ask your Library to order that persons work. It is as simple as that. Some will only take them in a hardcover edition but there is no harm in asking, and YOU could make someone’s day.

Thank you for reading this, which I post on behalf of ever writer I know.”
So there you have it folks, no need to hide from author friends anymore. Just go to your local library armed with the title and ISBN number of their book which can be found on links the writer posts or places like Amazon. You will be a writer's angel.
Carol x