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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Did You Know

Women are better at negotiation, empathy, nurturing, support, group dynamics and multi tasking. Women observe, listen, and articulate better than men, they are also better at fine detail. It is a scientific fact that although women have smaller brains than men do, they are 3% more intelligent.

Men are better at fixing things and finding a destination. Men can always find north when asked. They are better at mathematics and chemistry. Their spacial awareness makes them good at judging volume and distances and very good at parking. 

Unfortunately, most women have trouble reading maps, telling right from left, are hopeless at finding north and poor spacial awareness leaves a lot to be desired on the parking front. Men on the other hand, can’t do more than one thing at a time, are totally inarticulate and completely deaf when either reading a newspaper or watching TV.

So, there you have it, science has now explained how the multi tasking ability of women and the tunnel vision of men; so useful in the Stone Age is the foundation of why we find it so difficult to co-exist today.

Bearing in mind what I have learned, I have decided to stop complaining about my partners cleaning methods in the kitchen, he can’t help missing most of the mess because he can’t see it. His inability to detect fine detail hampers him in this chore. 
Carol x