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Saturday, May 21, 2005

A crazy frog

I think I'm going to have to start a campaign. See,I like watching TV & I'm sick of some adverts. Not all of them, only the bad ones. I mean some are quite nice with catchy tunes or useful info, but the rest of them drive me up the wall.

It's got so I turn the sound off or change channels just to get away from the one I really hate. Do they realize I do that? Surely it's defeating the object isn't it? I suppose there are some out there who sit through them but, I've a sneaky suspicion they are brain dead. So, the advertisers aren't getting their monies worth are they?

And another thing, who thinks up the rubbish ones? Half of them have no relationship to what the product is. I'll give you an example. Oh and you have to bear in mind these are UK TV adverts 'cause that's where I live.

There was a famous one a few years back, it was a spoof on ice skaters Torval & Deans' interpretation of Ravel's Bolero.

This is what the viewing public saw. The couple in the advert rolled back the living room carpet and began the ice dance sliding across the floor. Now, you'd think from that description it was an advert for floor polish or flooring of some sort wouldn't you? Wrong! It was absolutely nothing to do with polish or floors.

All creator of bad adverts should be tied to a chair, sat in a room and made to listen to their creation for 24 hour non stop. I bet they'd get their act together or find another more suitable profession.

The one that's top of my hit list at the moment is a crazy frog and the jingle is driving me nuts. If I could just get my hand round the throat of its creator... Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I've even been known to go and do the washing up on a bad day. Now that's not normal is it? I mean, who wants to do the washing up?


  1. So, what was the ice dance ad actually advertising, did I miss that part? I hate adverts with a passion, and I ALWAYS flick channels or disappear to do something else until I feel it's safe to return back to the telly. Years ago I would rush off to make a cuppa or shove the washing in the drier in a hurry. These days the bloody ads are so long I could just about bake a cake during them.

  2. Hi Sara, thanks for dropping by. Glad I'm not the only one hating the damn things. You didn't miss anything I didn't say what it was for, just to see if anyone remembered. The ad was for a stereo music system. Daft or what?

  3. OMG that frog must die. It was haugnting me. while I was surfing the net everytime the curser went over the ad the Flipin Frog would say something into my head. It took me weeks before I fugured it was the ad and the curser. I thought it was a virus bent on making me crazy. Further more what idiots come up with these ads. do they not look at them first.
    Don't you want to kidnap the ones who made them and tie them to a chair and force then to watch their ads for days. Watch them become that crazy frog.

  4. Hi Walker, thanks for dropping by.

    That damn frog even invades my dreams & that's not a pretty sight I can assure you.

    I'm searching for a hit squad as I write. Let me know if you need their services. LOL

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