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Thursday, March 15, 2012

A must do list do for authors

A bit cheeky I know but I’ve decided to write a must do list do for Amazon authors on both sides of the pond. If anyone finds I’ve left out something vital post it here:

1)   Make sure you sign up for Amazon membership on both US and UK sites, trust me it’s worth it.
2)   Get an Amazon US authors page from and make sure you put all your books on here. You also need to add a Blog feed, your Twitter link and any video promotions you have, to this page.
3)   Do the same thing on Amazon UK yes you need this because they only link the reviews if you’re a member on both sites.
4)   Join Amazon’s affiliate program US and UK trust me you need both.  With these memberships you can earn money on all your book sales. You can also add widgets for linking your books and something they call an aStore in which you can list not only your own books, but those of others and anything else that Amazon sells, to your website, blog and anywhere else you call home.

5)   Remember to tag all your books on both sides of the pond and don't forget to add your name as one of the tags. Now if you're brave enough, you can also sign into your Amazon account in Germany, France, Spain and Italy where you can also tag your books. However, you won't be able to like your own books (you are liking your own books aren't you) unless you have made a purchase in those countries. 
  • Ok, now you need to consolidate all your places on the net. It's not easy people; here is a list of other places to consider joining and posting your books:

Did I leave anywhere out? Every time I think I've got it licked, another place needs my attention.

Whew! When you’ve done all that you’ll need a holiday or as my friends over the pond say a vacation. 

Carol x 


  1. Anonymous2:56 pm

    Very useful information, Carol
    Thank you

  2. So glad you found it useful Wendy.

    Carol xx

  3. Hello Carol,
    Have done most of what you've recommended here ... affiliates are not familiar to me, but I will check it out. Thanks for the suggestions, and for the LIKEs here and there!

    Visit my blog at, and perhaps follow? I'm now following you~

  4. Hey Terry, thanks for reading and following. Glad you found this post useful. If you look at your 'Followers' list you'll find I'm already following you. LOL

    Carol x