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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Another Indie Author Tip

Because I've been promoting my books like mad lately, I've come across some useful tips for independent author like myself. Now, this one could be very useful indeed. I found it whilst popping into book seller sites to support and tweet for fellow Indie authors. Several authors had free books to download mostly in the US so being from the UK I copied and pasted the title into the UK site. That got me to the book in question right? Wrong, you would be amazed how many writers use the same titles for their books.

I thought I was being clever when I put together a collection of very short stories and called it 'Five Minute Fiction'. I got a big shock when I pasted my book title into the site search and up came about 50 books all with the same name. Of course my book was nowhere the top of the list and there were probably more than the 50 I saw, but I got fed up scrolling through the pages.

So my Indie friends, when you write that next block buster and you just know you have a kick ass title; go put it into the book sellers search box and see how many other clever writers had the same great idea. Then before you publish, go think up another mind blowing title to fit your block buster and put yourself at the top of that list. Oh, and check out your current titles you might just want to change them.

Carol x


  1. My current sci-fi tale "Turning Point" is an excellent example Carol. By clicking Kindle Store on then adding TP, you get 136 all with the same name. Do the same with Amazon.UK and you get 131.

    Doing the same thing on both sites for my latest - "The Seventh Age", which is due out this coming weekend, you get 20 on and 24 on Amazon.UK.

    You just can't win lol :)

  2. Thanks for the comment Jack,I did notice. Might be worth looking into if you can re-name?

    Carol x