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Monday, July 02, 2012

Inappropriate Book Tags

Inappropriate Book Tags
We all know tags are useful to help readers searching for a particular book, so we create tags to help them and the internet bots find our precious offerings. You do add tags to your books, including your author name, don’t you? If you don't yet do it check out this  blog post I did a while back.

Now, while agreeing some tags on an author’s book the other day I came across a worrying trend and we all need to be vigilant. It seems someone has cottoned on to the fact that anyone can add tags to any book on Amazon. I’ve found some very inappropriate tags such as erotica and bogus authors name on a book about family life? Worse still similar erotic tags on children’s books again with an author’s name who has nothing to do with the books in question.
If you’re an author with books on Amazon, I suggest you go check the tags on all your book. If you find any inappropriate tags on your books or on the books of authors you know, shout about it. Complain to Amazon and disagree any tags you don’t want on your book.   

How to disagree inappropriate tag:

1)       Go to the book page, scroll down to the tag section: Tags Customers Associate with This Product’

2)      Then click on ‘See all tags’ if you don’t see this it’s because there are fewer than 16 tags so just click on ‘Agree with these tags?’ notice there is a question mark on this option.

3)      Now you should see tiny boxes to the right of all the tag words associated with the book.

4)      Click on the tiny box to the right of the inappropriate word and another little box will pop up with the words ‘Do you agree this product is related to (book title)’ you get two options yes or no, hit the no and you’re done.

If we all do this on any inappropriate tags we find, it will help keep the unscrupulous trolls from doing this because, Amazon does know who added the tags and they will be stopped.

Happy tagging

Carol x

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