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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Review of Windswept by Yezall Strongheart

Just read Windswept, a new book by Yezall Strongheart.

This is a wonderful fantasy story set in a far away world, if you think romantic Arabian Nights and a young girl coming of age then you'll get the picture. Throw in some magic and you have the essence of a rollicking good tale.

The main character Zylena has been told she has a gift, but she doesn't realise just how complicated this will make her life. Swept from all she knows and loves by fate; she is selected by Kaneck another with the same gift. Not sure what to expect, she is told she can go with him to his home in the city of Tivolty. 

 Zylena knows her father returned to that very same place and her mother, Theola, decided to stay behind in her village. Determined to find the father she has never known she agrees to go with Kaneck. Once in the big city, her life takes many twists and turns. Which kepted this reader's attention.

We don't get much  up front information on this world or it's inhabitants, which is fine by me.  I like the way Ms Strongheart weaves this into the story line as it progresses, I hate info dumps at the beginning of a book. The story line is well put together and characters are finely drawn.
All in all a good read with the added bonus of escape from reality. I highly recommend buying.  You can find the book here Windswept by Yezall Strongheart

Happy reading folks.

Carol x

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