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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Getting yourself out there

Happy New Year folks, now Christmas is over I'm working hard on a new 'Titus' story and trying to consolidate all my places on the net. It's not easy people, what with google+, blogger, indieauthornetwork,  shelfari, goodreads, bookrix, twitter, facebook, youtube, author central on amazon and a host of other places. Every time I think I've got it licked, another place needs my attention.

What I've been trying to do is make sure I have the same bio on all the places I have a profile. However, I've found it's a daunting task getting yourself out there as an 'author'. For instance, you not only have to link to your books on your profile, you have to tell the world. But who is listening? Are you?

For those that are, here's the links to my books. Feel free to leave a review even if you don't buy, you might be one of the kind people who read them on bookrix. You can find them all in my Amazon astores along with some of my favourite writers and music:

For my US readers:

For my UK readers:

And I've added a promo video for 'A Titus Adventure@ on createspace with three questions to answer if you have the time:
Hey Ho. Titus is waiting, back to the word processer.
Carol x

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