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Monday, November 14, 2011

Having a bad story day

I’ve just finished a little children’s story about a bird called Titus who has an adventure with Santa and Rudolph. Fine you might say so, what’s the problem. Well, you see this little story is to go into a Christmas anthology of children’s stories a friend of mine is creating.

Anyway, to make sure everything was legal she checked out copyright stuff on Christmas...well it it’s a popular theme after all. Everything was going swimmingly until she got to ‘Rudolph’ it seems he is copyrighted. All the other reindeers are fair game but not Rudolph and he features as one of the main character in my little story Grrrrrrrr.

So I dashed off an e-mail to the license holders and now I’m crossing my fingers and anything else I can think of. If they say no or it costs a fortune, I will change his name to Cedric the reindeer policeman and give him a blue nose. So wish me luck folks. I’ll keep you posted.

Carol x

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